A Bordeaux Sustainable Pact launched as municipal governments approach

A Bordeaux Sustainable Pact launched as municipal governments approach

The entrepreneur Nicolas Pereira and a group of ten profiles are launching their "Sustainable Bordeaux Pact" a few months before the municipal elections of March 2020. The platform put online today should allow them to debate several concrete ideas around ecological emergency and to collect new ones from the population.

"We will make the whole available to the candidates and we will ask them to sign this Pact, then we will create a barometer responsible for measuring month after month the progress of the projects driven by the next mayor", indicates to La Tribune Nicolas Pereira, arguing for an "approach beyond partisan logic".

If need be, the poll published by La Tribune and carried out by Elabe last week established environmental protection as a central issue in the next municipal elections. Respondents placed this subject at the top of their concerns, and therefore their expectations vis-à-vis the next mayor.

"The collective awareness of the climate emergency, especially in the city centers, is more than current today. Young people in particular are mobilizing to ask political and economic leaders to act concretely for the planet. Strikes and youth marches for the climate, media soap opera around the positions of Greta Thunberg, emergence of the Extinction Rebellion movement ... Society is moving and mobilizing. The municipal elections next March are an opportunity for our elected officials to seize this urgency by leaving empty words and by building at the local level the city of tomorrow, strongly committed to the climatic and environmental emergency. Because let's be clear, we no longer have time to wait. Without an ambitious public policy for the climate, without synergizing environmental projects carried by entrepreneurs in the heart of our cities, without a profound renewal of ideas, it will be see you too late ", indicates this new collective led by Bordeaux entrepreneur Nicolas Pereira.

This young leader is the founder of the Bordeaux crowdfunding platform Solylend and creator of the World Impact Summit, an international summit of solutions for the planet. The collective aims to play the role of agitator of ideas in the coming months, "in a transpartisan approach". Concretely, this initiative takes the form of an idea platform (accessible here) launched today. The creators of this Sustainable Bordeaux Pact will gradually put on line six "acts" declined in several proposals which only ask to be enriched in concrete ideas by the Net surfers. "We want to stay concrete and focus work around solutions capable of creating a real resilience of cities in the face of the climate emergency", specifies Nicolas Pereira. The first two acts are already published, the others will follow by January 2020:

The candidates have not waited in recent days to develop their environmental leads. Starting with environmentalists who launched their own Bordeaux Appeal last June and called on civil society to sign it. The current mayor Nicolas Florian wants to develop solutions at the level of the city and the metropolis, the Walker Thomas Cazenave intends to double the green spaces in Bordeaux, the non-inserted Vincent Feltesse imagines a big green loan of a billion euros for finance new environmental projects ... How can this new initiative be heard in the midst of this turmoil & nbsp ;?

"We are carrying out a non-political initiative, proposing concrete solutions and clear objectives that we are making available to candidates to lead a real ecological and social transition, answers Nicolas Pereira. The idea is not to build a closed movement but to propose to them to sign, next January, a Pact co-constructed and co-signed with citizens which will commit them to pursue an ambitious ecological and sustainable policy. We will ask them to carry out at least 50% of the Pact. "Climate action will then be put in place to monitor, month after month, the progress of the projects and the respect of the commitments made."