Bordeaux, from Holland with fury. "Now that Schone is there we are also cheering Genoa a little bit" - PHOTO

Bordeaux, from Holland with fury. Now that Schone is there we are also cheering Genoa a little bit - PHOTO Home Genoa Inside Bordeaux, from Holland with fury. "Now that Schone is there, let's cheer a little ...

"We have followed Genoa since the transfer times of Van't Schip and Mariano Vink." It was the early nineties. And as then, even today, in Amsterdam, we will talk a little about Genoa

Imagine a Dutch family, two children, originally from Amsterdam and Ajax fan, who stays overnight in the same Genoa hotel in Bordeaux during the two days of

fire that ferried Lasse Schone, player with the most appearances in the Lancers, in rossoblu. Here, the script was not written anywhere, more impracticable than the other way around. But someone thought about drafting it tonight, also giving two new little fans and their parents a red and blue shirt in view of tonight's friendly.

"We are Dutch and we found out we were sleeping in the team hotel," the father of this friendly family told us after asking him for a celebratory photo of the moment. He, & nbsp; in his blue shirt with summer patterns, grants it to us without problems, sending the children in the red-blue outfit to the forefront. In the background, the Bourse square in Bordeaux. Behind the lens, the muddy flow of the Garonne towards the Atlantic. There is everything, and moreover in a single photograph that is worth more than rivers of words.

To warm up an already particularly torrid day, four Dutchmen thought about the news of Lasse Schone at Genoa and decided to celebrate the event

 dressing in rossoblu and buying tickets for tonight's race at the Matmut Atlantique (direct Buoncalcioatutti from 8 pm to this LINK). “Are you coming too? - & nbsp; they ask us - & nbsp; because if you come we get caught there. We are from Amsterdam and support Ajax, but since yesterday we are also a bit of a Genoa fan. "

An admission of faith that leaves no doubts: the spark was triggered immediately, right from the casual and unexpected intersection with the Griffon players who wear those unforgettable colors. Colors that yesterday in the parts of Amsterdam were already known, for football and football transfers, as they still remind us. "We have followed Genoa since the transfer times of Van't Schip and Mariano Vink." It was the early nineties. And as then, in Amsterdam, even if only for a while, we will talk about Genoa. And it will be done with pleasure and passion.

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