Bordeaux, the absurd case of Sankharé out of a month because of the beard

Bordeaux, the absurd case of Sankharé out of a month because of the beard

The 29-year-old Senegalese midfielder disappeared from the field even though he was not injured, having a very regular season with 29 appearances and 3 goals in all competitions. According to the Sud Ouest newspaper, the absence of Sankharé seems dictated by a badly performed beard transplant: the remedied infection caused a fever that prevents the player from regrouping with Bordeaux

It will not be an internationally talked-about name, it is certain that Younousse Sankharé is making headlines for the incredible story that has involved him. For those unfamiliar with it, let's talk about the 29-year-old midfielder in Bordeaux, a Senegalese national with a career spent entirely in France: PSG nursery, training loans to Reims and Dijon before strengthening with the shirts of Guingamp and Lille, the latter club that two years ago he sold it to the Girondins for 3 million euros. A good player by Ligue 1 standards, over 350 active games with 41 goals scored. And even in the current season the good Sankharé had imposed himself as the owner in the team of Bedouet, a thesis confirmed by 29 appearances and 3 goals considering all the competitions. Too bad that since February 17 his name has disappeared from the squad list although he had not remedied injuries on the field: the explanation was provided by Sud Ouest, French newspaper that revealed the absurd story that involved the player born in 1989.

The most curious events recorded in football go straight to that of Sankharé, feverish for about a month because of a badly finished aesthetic treatment: we are talking in particular of a beard transplant, an operation apparently poorly performed at a private clinic so much to cause him an infection and a persistent fever that drives him away from the field. A very original injury that forced him to miss the last three games and that will likely force him to lose his next match against Montpellier as well. A not insignificant absence for Karamoh and his companions, devoid of continuity in the results and defeated in Nantes, slipping into the second half of the standings. Abysmal the delay of Caen and Dijon third (-12 points), it is certain that without his center-back Bordeaux is struggling all right. And to think that the troubles started for a beard transplant, a paradoxical case kindly offered by Ligue 1.

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