Bordeaux: The Zombie Walk will wander around Place de la Victoire this year

Bordeaux: The Zombie Walk will wander around Place de la Victoire this year

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BORDEAUX Zombies will surge this Saturday near Victory in Bordeaux

EVENT The zombie walk will leave from Place de la Victoire at 2 p.m. this Saturday and will follow a route far from the hyper center, where the yellow vests are expected for a new weekly event ...

Published on 10/17/19 at 4:59 p.m. - & nbsp; Updated on 10/17/19 at 5:24 p.m.

The zombie walk route has been adapted this year so as not to meet the demonstration of "yellow vests" which is most often concentrated in the hypercentre.

This Saturday from 2 p.m. she will leave from Place de la Victoire and stay around.

For this private event, the organizers will have to pay remuneration to the police who will assist the association's order service.

The living dead will be able to expose their bloody disguises and their morbid makeup to the eyes of passers-by in Bordeaux.

For the 10th edition of the zombie walk, the parade will leave from Place de la Victoire this Saturday at 2 p.m. and will stroll through the Saint-Michel district, before making a loop and returning to the student square.

If he had hoped for more flexibility to set up this expanded anniversary edition for the occasion, Franck Bonhomme, head of the organizing association, believes that a “& nbsp; compromise has been found to stay in shopping areas where there is an audience & nbsp; ”. Ideally, he would have liked to leave the eco-citizen house on the quays, but just a stone's throw away, Place de la Bourse, the traditional demonstration of “yellow vests” should start and the authorities want to ensure that that the two events do not meet.

"& Nbsp; The decree which prohibits the hypercentre seems disproportionate to me & nbsp;", nevertheless slips Franck Bonhomme. But the prefecture underlines it, all the events which are held on Saturday afternoon, in parallel with “yellow vests”, are housed in the same sign.

In addition to the zombie walk order service, police will supervise the demonstration but not for free ... Franck Bonhomme is surprised by this request for remuneration but the prefecture confirms that it is legal. "& Nbsp; Since 2019, any sporting or cultural event in Gironde which requires a specific mobilization of the police force is the subject of a request for compensation to the organizers because of the additional activity that the event implies for these (missions related to the security of population or traffic flows and the prevention of disturbances to public order directly attributable to the event), & nbsp; ”she specifies.

The costs are assessed according to the configuration and the scale of the event: & nbsp; and relate for example to concerts (Muse), fairs (Vinexpo), festivals (reggae sunska), clearance sales (Bordeaux) etc. "& Nbsp; The security system is sized and adapted to ensure the smooth running of the various events which take place on Saturday afternoon in the city center & nbsp;", assures the prefecture of the Gironde.

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Saturday night, the zombie walk will continue at the Iboat from 6 p.m., with concerts and performances. And an evening of projection is organized from 8 p.m. on October 25 at the CGR cinema with Bienvenue à zombieland and Retour à zombieland.

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