France: 12 Saturday of yellow vest protests

France: 12 Saturday of yellow vest protests

This time in Paris one, rather than five week marches of "yellow vests" took place. The manifestation was previously notified and the route was agreed with the Paris authorities.

The main motive of the demonstration last Saturday (February 2) was to express solidarity with people who were injured during previous demonstrations. "We are together with the victims of police violence" - it was visible on banners carried in Paris. The procession was headed by people who suffered during clashes with the police in previous weeks. Some demonstrators also put eye blinders on.

In this way, the French police condemned the use of shotguns for rubber bullets (so-called flash-balls). In many EU member states they are banned as particularly dangerous. But not in France. The French police have announced that they do not intend to abandon their use against the most relatives of the demonstrators if they commit violent acts.

"Yellow vests", however, accuse the security services of reaching for flashballs too hastily and doing it in an irresponsible way. About the beginning of the protests as a result of their use, almost 100 people were to be injured, at least a few (at least 4 cases are known) were to lose their eye. This type of injury was caused, among others one of the leaders of the movement, known for his fiery speeches & nbsp; Jérome Rodrigues.

The demonstrators filed with the State Council an application to ban flash balls, but it was rejected. However, every policeman armed with such a weapon must be part of a team of three. Two of his colleagues are responsible for the safety of using smoothbore weapons for rubber bullets - including for filming the circumstances of its use.

This time, the Paris demonstration of "yellow vests" went quietly, but after it ended, some of the most radical protesters clashed with the police. & Nbsp; Near the Paris Republic Square, the cost of garbage and parked scooter was set on fire. The police used tear gas against the aggressive demonstrators. 22 people were detained.

In France, the second electoral list for the May European Parliament election has already been created, which is to represent the "yellow vests" movement. It happened shortly after potential candidates began to withdraw from the first list.

Manifestations - apart from Paris - were also held, among others in Marseille, Tours and Bordeaux. However, the most exciting was the demonstration in Valence in south-eastern France. About 5,000 people took to the streets there. "Yellow vests". There were clashes with the police. Four policemen were injured and 18 demonstrators arrested. It was quiet in other cities, although individuals were also detained in Tours and Bordeaux.

Protests of "yellow vests" have been going on since mid-November. & Nbsp; It began with opposition to plans to raise excise duties on fuels, but protests first evolved into opposition to rising living costs, and then into demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron.

The French National Assembly wants to ban people from "especially threatening public policy" in the protests. However, a large number of politicians believe that this constitutes an unnecessary limitation of constitutionally guaranteed rights.