In Bordeaux, the real estate developer Idéal Groupe raises 11 M

In Bordeaux, the real estate developer Idéal Groupe raises 11 M

By Jean-Philippe Déjean updated on - & gt; 10/21/2019, 2:49 p.m. 511 words Pierre Vital and Edouard Myon (Credits: J. Philippe Déjean) Idéal Groupe needed fuel to cope with an acceleration of activity which has not stopped since the creation of the company in 2011. Attack on the Ile-de-France and Nantes markets, but also the Rhône-Alpes region and digitalisation are on its agenda.

The Bordeaux real estate group Idal Groupe, co-founded eight years ago by Edouard Myon and Pierre Vital (also chairman of the South West Real Estate Observatory: Oiso), both co-directors, never ends to sparkle and announce an 11 M fundraiser from LaTricogne Capital. This wealth management company controlled by the Dumont family thus takes a share of the capital of Idal Groupe which Edouard Myon preferred not to specify in the immediate future La Tribune. The operation was set up by Edmond de Rothschild bank. This fundraiser conditions the achievement of several objectives, the first of which is directly linked to the company's trajectory.

As a reminder, Idal Groupe achieved a turnover of 100 M in 2017, the year in which the two partners invested 2.5 M in moving inside Bordeaux. The group was targeting the signing of 1,300 housing units in 2018. With this fundraising, the objectives are naturally part of the increase with 3,000 housing units in view by 2023.

Idal Groupe is involved in general real estate programs for individuals as well as in targeted corporate real estate projects, in particular the tertiary sector. Operations that tackle both the new and the rehabilitation. While remaining very anchored in Bordeaux Mtropole, where it started in 2011 on rue Hustin, Idal Groupe takes care not to put all its eggs in the same basket, even if it is brown on edge like the Bordeaux real estate market. This is how this property developer, after having started to take an interest in the Basque Coast, attacked the Ile-de-France market and has been interested in that of Nantes for several months.

"We wanted a solid financial partner to continue our development, whether to ensure our development on the real estate market and our transition to digital. We are going to open a Nantes agency, where we have won a major competition, and strengthen our positions in Ile-de-France ", claire Edouard Myon.

In total, Idal Groupe should recruit 30 to 40 people in the coming year, but not necessarily at the port of the Moon, where it offers its customers a very sophisticated consultancy service, which is based in particular on a dedicated shop. from Verdun.

"Our development is very strong in Ile-de-France and we have big projects, which we cannot yet talk about, Bordeaux Mtropole. We also place great hopes in our development in the Rhne-Alpes region. We are going to go to Annecy but also Toulouse ", explains Edouard Myon.

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