Larissa Dos Santos Lima defends Farrah Abraham against plastic surgery Comments: "She looks amazing"

Larissa Dos Santos Lima defends Farrah Abraham against plastic surgery Comments: She looks amazing Larissa Dos Santos Lima defends Farrah Abraham against plastic surgery Comments: "She looks amazing"
Reality TV legends are supported by real life legends!

Larissa Dos Santos Lima set out to protect Instagram from her newly minted baby Farrah Abraham. & Nbsp; After a girl's night on Thursday, Oct. 17, the 90-day fiancé star, 33, 33 (since deleted), shared a photo of herself and Farrah, who lives in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, many of Larissa's followers took the opportunity to call Farrah, 28, for a sweet picture, as she appears to have had too much plastic surgery. Browse the galleries below to get the full scoop, as well as see photos of Larissa and Farrah together.

As mentioned, Larissa erased her and Farrahi's current situation. But Life & amp; The style he co-wrote with "Proud [Farrah Abraham]" along with the Crazy Horse 3 Gentleman's Club tagging.

"It's sad that all the plastic surgery and fillers have made Farrah look like he was in his late 40s. & Nbsp; Early 50s. Damn, I'm 49 and he looks [as old] as I am. Please take note, Larissa. You will lose your youth because of this fake, "commented one hater.

"No one is jealous of this train wreck ... especially when he's looking for 50," added another.
Larissa Dos Santos Lima / Instagram courtesy

Luckily, that was when Larissa jumped in with an epic hefty game: "OK ... we believe you're not cheating other women [because] you're affectionately confident." You tell them, girl!

Larissa Dos Santos Lima / Instagram courtesy

However, Larissa's defense against Farrah did not stop. Life & amp; Style, he clung to his friend once again. "I was pleased to meet Farrah Abraham in person [and] not only is she sweet and kind, but also [is] very beautiful," Larissa said.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima / Instagram courtesy

"I don't know what cosmetic procedures she has done, but it doesn't matter to me," Larissa continued. "She looks amazing - and she's confident. Confidence and being happy are the most important things to me ... and Farrah are both. "

Well said, Larissa! It is clear that there is a long and faithful friendship between you and Farrah.

As amazing as Larissa had to go with a bat for Farrah, Ex hardly hardly needed it on the beach. In fact, Farrah is comfortable on the skin these days, especially thanks to her training regimen.

"Boxing is always great, I'm not lying, but I've been bothered," Farrah told Life & amp; Style in April from her training routine. "I have been doing Pilates. I've only done stretches - just clean stretches - nothing else. ”V

"There have been a lot of good new trainings. So, I go like two days a day, but with a different training regimen, ”Farrah continued. Two days ?! No wonder she looks so awesome and the best part is that she knows it! & Nbsp;

"I love my body. Like me, I'm the healthiest I've ever been, "Farrah said. "I'm the happiest."
"I do not fit as well as last year. I'm more feminine now. So, I've enjoyed it, I actually have been, ”Farrah said of her health and fitness trip.
Of course, Farrah's transformation goes beyond his appearance. His goal is to focus on a positive mindset.
Simone Comi / Venice / IPA / Shutterstock
"I think our daily affirmations make them really work," Farrah confirmed. "Keep telling yourself good things! Keep going higher and push yourself. "
"Today is the time to continue this movement and in 2019 we will have many positives," Farrah concluded.

Even if Farrah is able to defend herself, we're glad there is someone like Larissa next to her. Ladies, live your best life.

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