Linebacker Santos Knox is preparing to make his long-awaited debut with Eskimos

Linebacker Santos Knox is preparing to make his long-awaited debut with Eskimos

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The Edmonton Eskimos, who have snapped up a more prominent linebacker in the off-season free agencies, will finally see how good he is at the B.C. against. Lions (5:00, TSN, 630 CHED).

It's not like they don't have a good idea already. However, the Eskimos have not had the opportunity to see the former Winnipeg blue bomber stand out during the regular season, but this year due to a leg injury in the finals of recent years. / p>

It's been a long journey, certainly a test of my patience, but overall I think it made me hungry, a better person and a better player, said 25-year-old Massachusetts product Santos-Knox making his first start in 2019 on the same pitch. At Commonwealth Stadium, where his 2018 campaign ended due to injury. I don't think I realized how much I loved this game until I went through this little thing.

I've been itching all year to get out here, so it's nice to come in at such an important time for my team and hopefully make an impact.

Meanwhile, rookie linebacker Vontae Diggs, who played a punching role next to the Santos-Knoxs training camp, has been Edmonton's top performer for the past three weeks, earning 22 games, bags, interceptions and two runs.

I would love to go out there and run out with my young beaver and cause some chaos, said Santos-Knox, who immediately took Diggs under his wing. He has played great, especially in his first year, how he has managed to catch up so quickly. I'm just so proud of her and everything she does, and the man she is.

He absolutely knows that. We get here early and watch a movie together, so I kind of played through him and he knew it and he just embraced it, Santos-Knox said. As a young man, so that we can take this leadership away from other guys and not push it away, but actually embrace it, it just shows how mature he is for his age.

However, there is only one place to start next to Linebacker Larry Dean on Saturday, and Santox-Knox is looking forward to the opportunity to play this role on his Eskimo debut.

He should be, it's been a long off-season and a long season where he can't do anything he loves to do, "said Eskimo head coach Jason Maas. You can obviously say how he attacks every day and how he moves around here. She loves football and is excited about grinding, which is always a great thing. His energy is also contagious.

He's a great football player. There is a reason why we signed it out of season with high expectations, and I think the longer you have to wait for something, the more it means and the better you feel about it. I am sure that all the energy that has been spent over these several weeks will be reflected in this game.

When the team was on a 10-day trip through the Eastern Division, Santos-Knox was played last week against the league-leading Hamilton Tiger Cat.

He waited for him to play and not play, and he put us in practice, Maas said. Just as he attacked, he attacked it even more. After that, we talked, for example: Man, you still have to be a great teammate and do all these things. The energy was fantastic, you just have to direct it right.

On and off: SB Greg Ellingson returned to active service after the first two weeks of training after he was injured in a leg injury last Friday against Hamilton's RB CJ Gable, WR Tevaun Smith, CB Anthony Orange and CB Josh Johnson. . out.

This is a stable player from Edmonton's Eskimos women's team who found himself this week with one more game before reaching the third and final game of his schedule.

While QB1 trevor Harris was still on the six-game injured list and had a throwing pain, both backups Logan Kilgore and Jeremiah Briscoe took turns on training day this week.

I'm lucky I haven't played as much as some of the other guys, said Kilgore, who will be B.C.'s guest at the start of his fourth straight season on Saturday. Lions. It happens in every game and unfortunately it seems like there was one little thing in each of them, but yes, I feel good and I think it would be good for me to go on Saturday.

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