Portuguese coach Fernando Santos defends Bernardo Silva in a racist line

Portuguese coach Fernando Santos defends Bernardo Silva in a racist line

Bernardo Silvat has been accused by the FA of a controversial social media post comparing teammate Benjamin Mendy to a black cartoon character. (Photo credit: Reuters)

Fernando Santos said Bernardo Silva was one of those with "the best character and personality." AFP last updated: October 3, 2019 at 11:27 pm IST Share this:

Lisbon: Portuguese coach Fernando Santos weighed in on Thursday to defend midfielder Bernardo Silva, who has been accused by the Football Association of a misconduct in a controversial social media post comparing teammate Benjamin Mendy to a black cartoonist.

Last month, the Manchester City midfielder tweeted a picture of a character representing the Spanish chocolate peanut brand Conguitos next to a young Mendy.

"It's completely absurd," Santos told a news conference to announce his team for Portugal's upcoming Euro 2020 qualifiers against Luxembourg and Ukraine.

Last week, Silva sent a letter to the Football Association apologizing for the offenses caused by the tweet, and Mendy has written in support of her friend, saying she has not tweeted.

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