Press stands Bordeaux reservations are open

Press stands Bordeaux reservations are open

Lecture 1 min Headlines Bordeaux Most of the debates in the press stands take place at the TNBA. Photo credit: Claude Petit archives By sudouest.frPosted on 10/21/2019 Updated at 4:40 p.m. Subscribe

The Press Tribunes is the initiative of the Regional Council every year, a series of interviews, debates, workshops and exhibitions which help to understand the world as it goes.

This year, from 14 to 16 November, it will be a discussion on the theme of shadows and lights. This makes it possible to include the century of Enlightenment and their dispute, science like fake news, European lutopia or populism, progress as well as climate change.

At TNBA for most debates but also Cap Sciences or at Mollat, we will include among the guests the political scientist Paul Aris, writer Fatou Diome, the geographer Sylvie Brunel, the diplomat Elie Barnavi, the filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier

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