The first floating offices moor in Bordeaux

The first floating offices moor in Bordeaux Respecting your privacy is our priority

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In 2020, the Bassins à flot district will host a pioneering project of water offices, the future headquarters of Carmo. Visit of this extraordinary site with the architects of 2PM A.

Floating offices in Bordeaux, moored in the Bassins à flot district, designed by the architectural firm 2PM A. Delivery scheduled for January 2020.

After floating houses or concert halls in a boat, the offices take the plunge in turn. One of the first projects to emerge in France, in Bordeaux, is starting to take shape in the Bassins à flot district. Imagined in 2003 by the Bordeaux artist James Vitrac and materialized from 2014 by the architecture agency 2PM A, this building floating on a barge is to house the future French headquarters of the Portuguese company Carmo, specialized in the production of stakes vineyard and wood frame structures.

Two 160 m2 platforms will host a mixed project: upstairs, Carmo's workstations (around 20), and at the waterline, a coworking space on the waterfront. A third reception area, which will be the meeting room, will form the lookout for the boat, below which a “food boat” could be arranged, accessible to passers-by and residents of this unusual place. In total, the project has 350 m2 of floor space, for a budget of around 1.1 million euros.

Visually, Carmo's offices present a silhouette reminiscent of a boat, on the instructions of the coordinating architect of & nbsp; & nbsp; the immense ZAC des Bassins à flot, Nicolas Michelin. For his part, Paul Rolland, partner in charge of the project within the agency 2PM A, specifies that he “& nbsp; simply played on the codes of the boat, to & nbsp; avoid the slightly kitsch side, with for example the lookout that reminds the cockpit of a barge, or the lateral wooden structures, voluntarily numerous to remind the thorny structures of the hulls of boats & nbsp; ».

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