The music that symbolically unites Cefalù and Bordeaux the fourth edition of the Sacred Festival

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An event that symbolically unites two places and will take place in France and Sicily under the sign of classical music. Notre Dame of Bordeaux and the cathedral of Cefal are the locations chosen for the fourth edition of the Sacred Festival. Two great concerts of classical and sacred music will unite Sicily with France and will see the presence and performance of important artists who will perform pieces by authors such as Bach, Mozart and Chopin. Free event, to be held on Sunday 20 October in Bordeux and Tuesday 22 in Cefal, also includes a gala evening with the delivery of the International Norman Coast Award. The Sacred Festival is an artistic cultural project conceived in 2015 by Giuseppe Di Franco, artistic director and expert in cultural marketing, and was born with the intention of promoting the musical culture and the historical monumental beauties present in the cities of art in Europe such as Bordeaux and Cefal, thus placing itself as high-level tourism-cultural project aimed at all European citizens and for the revitalization of culture and tourism abroad and which will have an impact in terms of benefits and image for the Sicilian Region in Italy and for the region of New Aquitaine in France. Levento created with the support of the Solunto Foundation in collaboration with the Cathedral of Cefal and the patronage of the municipality of Cefal. The evening in Bordeaux (20 October) will be presented by the actress Vanessa Mateo and Maestro Salvatore Caputo will perform with the choir Coro Plyphonie Eysines, the composer and orchestra conductor Maria Luisa Macellaro La Franca, the Unisson ACME Bordeaux Symphony Orchestra, the director and harpist Emmanuel Lahoz and the Romanian violinist Razvan Stoica. The other concert (22 October) which will instead be held at the Basilica-Cathedral of the municipality of Cefal, will see the presence on stage of an artist of international level, the organist Marek Stafanski from Krakow and who for the occasion will propose a musical program authors of the sixteenth century. The Sicilian evening will be presented by the journalist and presenter Licia Raimondi. In the context of the event, the gold plates of the Costa Normanna International Award will be delivered, both in Bordeaux and Cefal, to Maestro Diego Cannizzaro and Maestro Marek Stafanski. There will also be the Mayor of the municipality of Cefal Rosario Lapunzina and the councilor for culture Vincenzo Garbo who will deliver the two plaques to the artists. In the context of the event, the Gold plates of the International Norman Coast Award will be delivered to French and Italian personalities who work artistically and professionally in Bordeaux including: Salvatore Caputo, Elian Lavail (director of the orchestra), Emmanuel Lahoz, Razvan Stoica and Maria Luisa Macellaro La Franca. In addition, Florentine parchments will be delivered to other personalities including Consul Stephane Felici, lex magnificor of the University of Bordeaux Frederic Dutheil, the councilor for culture of the municipality of Bordeaux Olivier Doxaran, the French wine entrepreneur of Bordeaux, Herve Sardin, the president of the Dunes Aventure association, Isa Laroture, entrepreneur and international fashion design Matias Mercapide. Institutional greetings are also expected between the representatives of the municipalities of Bordeaux, Councilor for Culture, Olivier Doxaran and Cefal - Mayor Rosario Lapunzina and Councilor Vincenzo Garbo. Cefalù Cathedral

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