The new exhibitions of the season in Bordeaux! - Bordeaux Tendances

The new exhibitions of the season in Bordeaux! - Bordeaux Tendances

If autumn has settled well into the skies of Bordeaux, it is time to take refuge in museums to take advantage of the new exhibitions of the end of the year. We have put together a top 3 of cultural events not to be missed. & Nbsp;

The new Franco-British exhibition at the Botanical Garden promises to highlight the link between man and nature in the magnificent exhibition space and greenhouses. The project was led by Dialogue, which has been working since

10 years around artistic projects alternating events between the two countries. The exhibition offers paintings, photos, drawings, weavings, engravings, videos, performances, sculptures, and even ceramics. These works explore the link between human activity and nature, and vice versa.

Through the observation of plants, their origins, their uses, classification or preservation, but also their stories and symbolism, Human nature / Human nature questions the place left to nature in cities. The goal is to study excess

of man’s mastery of his environment, but also the ability of each blade of grass to reclaim its space, to regain the upper hand. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the preservation of the biodiversity that engages our future.

Botanical Garden, Esplanade Linné 33100 Bordeaux & nbsp;

The Bernard Magrez Institute honors eleven of the most influential Chinese artists in the current art scene around a common theme, that of & nbsp; the representation of the body and the individual at the heart of the evolution of Chinese society. Cang Xin, Gao Bo, Li Wei, Liu Bolin, Liu Yaming, Luo Fahui, Ru Xiaofan, Shen Jingdong, Zhu Fadong, Zuoxiao Zuzhou and Gao Brothers will showcase Chinese art from every angle.

Photography, painting or sculpture are all mediums highlighted through this large exhibition of more than fifty outstanding works by these essential artists. For the HUMANS exhibition, the selection of artists and works was intended to be eclectic but always motivated by this search for meaning through the body.

A monumental exhibition which risks making an event, in the heart of the Labottière castle as well as in the La Boétie pavilion.

Communication Serie No.4 - Tiananmen, Beijing, 2002 © Cang Xin
From November 13, 2019 until February 16, 2020
Château Labottière - 16 rue de Tivoli

The CAPC hits hard this fall, with the Naming the Money exhibition by artist Lubaina Himid, winner of the prestigious 2017 Turner Prize. Born in 1954 in Zanzibar, Tanzania, to a Comorian father and an English mother, the artist lives and works in Preston. A figure of British Black Art, a movement particularly active in the 1980s in England, Lubaina Himid reflects on the identity of the African diaspora and questions its invisibility in the social, political and artistic fields. Through a hundred painted plywood figures representing African slaves in the royal courts of the 18th century, she tells the life of employees as ceramists, herbalists, toy manufacturers or even dog trainers, through a soundtrack.

The artist explores the issue of slavery, colonialism and the representation of Africans in the history of European painting. Right in the heart of the nave of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bordeaux, this installation will take on a very special dimension by recalling that it will make the initial function of this former real warehouse of colonial commodities of the 19th century which has housed the CAPC since the 1970s.

From October 31, 2019 to February 23, 2020
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