Top 14 - A CA Brive grand cru offers a Bordeaux that has seen red

Top 14 - A CA Brive grand cru offers a Bordeaux that has seen red

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Top 14 - A CA Brive grand cru offers a Bordeaux that has seen red
Saturday October 19, 2019 at 9:17 p.m. - By Nicolas Blanzat, France Bleu Limousin

Brive continues his faultless home. This Saturday evening, the CAB won 30-9 against Bordeaux, with the offensive bonus, for the 8th day of Top 14. The Brivistes took the measure of a UBB reduced to 14 from the ninth minute of play.

Fourth consecutive victory at home in Top 14 this season, twenty-second success in a row at the Stadium since May 2018: Brive remains intractable at home, this Saturday evening, after his large success 30-9 against Bordeaux, with the point of the bonus offensive.

While the UBB had clarified its desire to come and win in Corrèze, ("it's our final" said manager Christophe Urios), the Girondins were greatly handicapped from the 9th minute. After a cathedral tackle on Thomas Laranjeira who falls to the ground head first, Bordeaux captain Mahamadou Diaby is logically excluded when there are 3-3. It is the beginning of a hand put on the meeting of the CAB, notably materialized by a test of 90 meters after a forward from Gironde near the line corrézienne. Jurand, after a recovery from Lees then a crazy ride in the axis of Muller and a kick in the back of the field of Blanc, receives on his wing and goes to lady.

Before 13-6 at the break, the CAB struggles when returning from the locker room. More passive, the CAB easily goes wrong and returns balloons to the foot. Laranjeira hits the post on penalty, then investigates after a good scratch from Lees (16-9, 55th). While the debates are still close against painful Bordeaux in the ground game, Brive flattens a second time by White (23-9, 67th), after a superb crossing of Nico Lee on the median. In support, the scrum half targets the corner post, but finally hooks between Ducuing and Lesgourges to score. Neighbor, in force, after a dominating scrum five meters from the in-goal, completes the brivist success and offers the offensive bonus (75th). Defensively, the Corréziens also completely derailed the Bordeaux game plan by taking advantage of six throws in touch lost by the UBB and mainly due to the CAB. In the wake of a Thomas Acquier omnipresent in the current game and a masterful Mitch Lees in the dark tasks and in the rucks, the Brivistes could also count on an inspired hinge and a very interesting Nico Lee at the center of his attack .

The CAB thus ends a series of four games in the best possible way. Especially since it promised to be at high risk for the Corréziens. But by dominating with the Toulon, Toulouse and Bordeaux style at home, the Brivistes garner no less than 13 points. In the third of the championship, the CAB is more than alive in the race for maintenance by achieving a 100% at home despite empty trips so far outside. Now it's time for a week's vacation for the Briviste group and two weekends to come without meeting to compete in time to let the World Cup end.

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